You can extend the system with a inputcard.
On a inputcard you connect 8 switches, and the computer can read
the positions of the switches.
With two inputcards of course you can read on 16 switches.
( The program you putted in by way of keyboard )
You operate the signals and points with switches, the trains run as you want,
and the data will put in electrical binary in the memory of the computer.
Then you can store data on floppy disk.
After that you can load data in the memory of the computer.
The computer can follow the train run exactly as done by you.
It is a robot system, once put in how to do the computer can do
it as often as you want.


The hardware from left to right. 

Three model railroad direct current transformers.
MSX computer with monitor.
Data transfer switch.
       Frame with uniface cards and power supplies.

The frame with hardware.
From left to right.

Two outputcards, two inputcards (uniface).
Two cards with relays and LED's.
Power supplies.

On the frame a switch board with switches
and LED's for the electrical binary input.